About Lawson Filter Supply in Westbank of New Orleans

Our Vision Is To Provide our Country, Customers, Community,
and Employees with Peace of Mind.

Our Country

We pride ourselves in making extreme efforts to sell products Made in America. In 2013 over 90% of the products we sold were Made in America! We believe this not only supports our future but the future of our fellow Americans who take pride in what our country has to offer and we look forward to continuing these efforts every year.


Our Customers

Lawson has been a locally owned and operated business since 1949 and our customers are our top priority. We have always recognized our customers as the key to our future success which has allowed us to provide quality service and products to them for over 60+ years. This is a prime example that we are in business for the long term support of our customers.


Our Community

We want to give back! Our future goals for our community include utilizing our spare time and donation allowances to help our community where our business thrives. We especially like to support the direct needs of our community, like the unexpected widow who’s left with an overload of medicals bills and living expenses to raise her children after her husband lost his battle with cancer, or the husband who was recently laid off from a job of 10+ years due to corporate cut backs. We also like to support our schools, recreation departments, law enforcement agencies, and military families as often as possible.


Our Employees

We search for personnel with high moral standards to represent our company. Our employees are hand-picked because of the great qualities they possess. Here at Lawson, we make great efforts to provide our employees with a enjoyable workplace and the quality means to support the needs of their families and themselves.  Here at Lawson we recognize the value of our relationship with our employees and their family.

Made In Usa
% of USA MADE Products Sold
Hours A Day Available
% Locally Owned and Operated
#1 Choice for Filter Supply