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AC Delco

Everything about us begins with innovation. We believe success is born from it. That’s why we’re working within GM to invent the future of the industry by combining more than 100 years of experience with intellect, technology and innovation that’s behind some of the most advanced vehicles on the road.

We’re empowered by our roots. AC Delco has been at the forefront of automotive innovation since the birth of GM in 1908, but a strong start in automotive wasn’t enough. We’ve helped a woman fly around the world and a man traverse the surface of the moon. However, our history isn’t half as promising as our future as we strengthen our commitment to offering the latest in AC Delco, GM Genuine Parts, GM technological innovation and improvement as the true GM Original Equipment parts brand.

Our history and innovative drive create a confidence that we want to share with you. ACDelco parts appear in more than 2 million General Motors vehicles produced each year. That’s a powerful responsibility that we don’t take lightly. That’s why we stand behind everything we put on the road, with a variety of limited warranties. To us, standing tall is standing by you.


Battery Products

ACDelco Professional Gold Batteries - Lawson Filters & Supply In Harvey LA


The ACDelco Professional Gold Batteries feature an impact- and break-resistant plastic case for durability, including robust separator envelopes to help with auto battery life. The ACDelco Professional Gold Battery is an ideal replacement auto battery for car and truck applications.

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ACDelco Professional Voyager Batteries - Lawson Filters & Supply In Harvey LA


ACDelco Professional Voyager RV and Marine Starting and Cranking Batteries are specifically created for marine cranking applications. They are designed with thinner plates to deliver power quickly. A protective terminal design provides resistance to acid leaks and seepage, keeping terminal posts clean and corrosion-free.

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 ACDelco Heavy Duty Batteries - Lawson Filters & Supply In Harvey LA

Heavy Duty

ACDelco Advantage Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free Batteries fit your specific heavy duty needs. These batteries have a Calcium-Calcium plate construction to help resist vibration, shock, and heat. ACDelco 4D and 8D Advantage Heavy Duty Flooded Maintenance Free Batteries offer reliable ACDelco quality at an economical price.

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ACDelco Lawn & Garden Batteries - Lawson Filters & Supply In Harvey LA

Lawn & Garden

The ACDelco Professional Garden and Lawn Mower Battery is engineered to meet the increasing deep cycle demands of modern lawn and garden tractors. It has an accessible maintenance free design that allows for filling with distilled water when necessary.

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Batteries Ac Delco Speciality Atv


ACDelco Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) PowerSports Snowmobile, ATV, and Motorcycle Batteries are designed to be spill proof and leak-proof when correctly filled and sealed. These batteries are shipped to you dry and unfilled in order to ensure maximum freshness.

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ACDelco Professional Gold Batteries have a 42 month limited warranty period.


• Discharged batteries that can be recharged and returned to service.

• Cost of recharging or for use of rental batteries or vehicles.

• Labor cost for battery removal and installation.

• Batteries damaged due to charging system failure, negligence, abuse, accident, improper installation, or freezing.

• Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, or other incidental consequential damages.


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