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With over 40 years’ of experience in engine and fuel filtration being a solutions provider means helping our customers achieve higher levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. It means looking at the customer applications from many angles to find new ways to create value.

Racor has built a strong reputation as an innovative, technology-driven company. We are committed to manufacturing excellence by developing value-added filter media, materials, and system configurations to meet customer needs.

As the leader in global filtration solutions to engine developers and manufacturers, we provide custom solutions for our customers needs. In collaborative efforts with the OEM, our engineers listen to and work from you the customers ideas and specifications. They strive to meet requirements and try to anticipate needs based on future projections.

With the development of Bio and Alternative Fuels the need to filter and separate water has become a prime concern to engine developers the world over. Racor has led the charge in fuel filtration for the Bio-diesel market.


Filter Products

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Parker filtration has worked closely with marine system designers and developers for many years, supplying filtration solutions for every marine application. Parker’s global solutions in fuel filtration and separation ensure reliable performance, long-term durability and efficient operation from bow to stern.

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Fuel contamination, either in the form of dirt or water, will always find its way into your fuel system. In modern engines even a small amount of water or particulates can cause microscopic surface damage. That damage is then focused on by the high-pressure fuel injection system; creating wear that will eventually lead to poor fuel efficiency and higher emissions.

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Crank Case

Crankcase emissions are harmful to the environment, contribute to increased engine maintenance costs and can shorten the life of engine components. Parker closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) filtration systems offer superior protection against contaminated crankcase blow-by and provide effective solutions that are easy to install and maintain.

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When your engine is operating in adverse conditions; off-road, in the desert, out at sea, or just on the local highway, it needs to be able to breathe clean, dry air. Parker Racor’s range of engine air filters offer the highest degree of filtration and life available.

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